Thursday, November 29, 2007

fun times

Go see live music, I have said it before, it is just important that I tell you again. Not only is the music great (the Floorwalkers..every Wednesday at Ruby's) but the people. I mean, the people are just great, I love them..all of them. More dancing, that is the only thing that was needed, it takes too long for people to get the courage to dance. So North Market is coming up and I am semi ready. I have enough stuff and everything I just want to get my table set up better looking, we will see. I just found (actually SHE found ME) Miss Megan Mac on myspace. Megan had a table across from me at Tiny Canary and is a delightful woman. She makes these beautiful scarves and woven tapestries (is the right spelling?) So North Market this weekend, say hey to me and purchase some great xmas/hannukah/whatever you want gifts! :) Oh and here is Miss Megan Macs blog.

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