Thursday, March 27, 2008

my niece!

This is my niece with my mom. My mom went to Africa with my sis to pick up little Hanna. I can't wait to meet her. She is way too cute.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what else

Just talked to Kevin Joy at the Dispatch and there will be an article I believe on April 7th about the Columbus City Sampler...hopefully some awesome quotes from me will be in there. "Uhh.. I make stuff, it's cool..." ha! I applied to Charm City Craft Mafia's "Pile of Craft" event in Baltimore in June. I did this sale last year and it was a blast, so many cool people doing really great stuff in Baltimore I hope to get back out there again for this event! My sister lives in D.C. so its a great excuse to visit her and hopefully make some cash. My new niece is here from Africa as well, did I tell you guys that? Hanna was adopted by my sister and is Ethiopian, I look forward to meeting her...kind of weird, new member in the family I have not met yet. I am going to make some sweet wristbands with the "listen to the birds" print (found on tees on my etsy page) so look out for those, and some new shirts soon! check back soon for more!

Friday, March 21, 2008

So to speak...or SEW to speak

So I did a craft fair at one point, maybe Tiny Canary or North Market..well I did both but I met a woman at one of them called Anita and she told me she was opening a sewing store soon. Well, the other day I drove by a little shopping center in Clintonville and saw the name "Sew to Speak" on the window, she finally had opened. And really it was not that long ago she had told me about it so not really finally....Anyway, I dropped in and it is a very nice store. Lots of GREAT fabrics (one of them pictured above which I purchased) a bunch of Amy Butler and similarly styled fabrics as well. Some cool books on sewing and t-shirt making as well and other little goodies people that "really sew" would probably appreciate more than me. Over all from an amateur sewer perspective it was really cool, brightly colored walls, simple displays, very inviting and Anita is very nice so go check it out!

Sew To Speak
4610 N. High
Say hi to Anita for me!

Also pictured above is a shirt I got from my wonderful girlfriend Ginger for my It is from Timber and Ginger found my favorites on Etsy and bought it, perfect perfect gift, this guy is talented definitely check out his stuff!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

lots of things are here

So a lot has been going on, I will try to simplify it in list form.

1. "BLIZZARD OF '08" - I love local news, but hey this time they were right it did snow a whole heck of a lot and I was at my girlfriends just snowed in, it was a good time, no Bootleg action that day except maybe checking out craft blogs and searching etsy.
2. New Screens - I finally got my screen set up including two task lights equipped w/150 watt bulbs and I found a window downstairs from my landlord (shh) that works perfectly for keeping my transparencies flat on the screen while I burn the images to it. So new screens with sweet designs, woot let's hope they work out well, still working on my screen burning skills.
3. City Sampler - Designed a promo card for the Columbus City Sampler which is gonna be sweet. Also a sticker which is pictured above. I managed to somehow get my samples to Wholly Craft on time as well (pictures above) I did 10 wristbands so let's hope some people like my free hard work!
4. Lots of Music - I played last week at Monday at Ruby's (every monday) Wednesday practice, Thursday Claddagh Irish pub with my brother, Friday at Club Diversity on South High, Saturday at Rumba, thanks to all who came out they all were very good I am tired! Start it all over tomorrow at Ruby's! :)
5. Birthday - Oh yeah it was my birthday last Wednesday. My dad got this cake from the French Loaf in Grandview...if you have not had their cakes you literally have not lived. Got some much needed money and my drum throne I have been waiting for since December finally came in and my butt is very grateful.
6. New Niece - My sister just got back from Africa, yes Africa. My new 5 year old niece Hanna from Ethiopia is now in the states! Wow, crazy..I just realized too that my grandma is now a great grandma of a deaf Ethiopian, she is so cute I will have to post pictures soon.
7. New Wristbands - Above are some pics of these new wristbands I am working on. I had a bunch of strips of fabric from former wristband designs and just stuff I wasn't using and I decided to sew them all together and make some multi colored semi recycled wristbands. They are going to be sweet, most of my wristbands from now on (if not all) will be from all recycled materials.
8. Umm - Could anything else be going on? Oh yeah, working at Polaris (zpets bitches), having a girlfriend (which is great by the way!), trying to hang out with friends for once, catch up on the Daily Show, sleep?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

new screen!

Poetry seems to make sense for todays blog:

I have had it on my list but it hadn't come true.
My simple task was only to make a screen for you.
The audience in my one man pursuit.
Making sweet graphic tees and wristbands to boot.
Finally inspiration kicked me in the head.
Not to write a song but to make a screen instead.
On to the screen green goo (emulsion) did pour.
And an hour or so later I had completed my chore.

Ha, wow..that was lame. Anyway after visiting Camp Chase (did you know Columbus has a Confederate soldier cemetery and former prisoner of war and Union soldier training camp?) yesterday and having an all around great day, I stayed in today and made a screen. My girlfriend Ginger has my camera from yesterday (we forgot to take pictures..but I have a feeling we will be back) so I took this one with my camera on my Apple which kinda sucks. New tees to come! WOOT!