Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Flickr Page

I just bit the bullet and created aNOTHER flickr page, my old one can still be accessed but I won't be updating it because I have no idea what the password is. I am not even sure what my account name is, I lost all the info and I have tried to get it back but Flickr will not give it to me with the account names and passwords I gave them so apparently my account never existed..or I really forgot my name..oh well. Here is the new one though, so enjoy! The link to your right works as well.

My Etsy Shop

I have been updating it a lot, so check it out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So my new found friend from Etsy Daniela wrote about me on her blog...thanks so much Daniela! It is always nice to have someone write about you to see their perspective on your work. You can only describe yourself so much to people without sounding repetitive and like an ass at times. "Oh it's like the most original stuff out there" Ha. Anyway check out her store on etsy as well, I love her clean design sense. If I were a girl, I might buy something from her! :) Thanks to all who came out to Independent's Day as well, I am off to a gig now but I will post some pics up soon..actually Mike from What The Rock!? has to email them to me because my cameras batteries are all weird, I charge them and they still don't work...hmph. Alright, till next time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some new stuff I have been working on for Saturday at Independent's Day 
The last shirt photo is not necessarily new..but it may be new to you... I just liked the picture. I am printing some more shirts today so I might have photos up, otherwise just come to Independent's Day it's all day and its stuff won't be free but still, come out people jeeze!! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Independent's Day

I kinda forgot how close Independent's Day is. If you do not know what that is well check it out here:

I was looking on the website and there are a ton of great people signed up. Check out the exhibitors's section. I am real pumped about this show, there are a ton of cool things going on and I wish I could be there the entire time. I am playing a gig that night in Hilliard but I will try and come back cuz there will be live music all night it seems like..or atleast pretty late at Skylab and the Vault...which is an old bank vault, I have seen it before but not really gotten to hang out there, sounds really cool. Vendor's, live music, food, creativity workshops, and more...awesome.

Friday, September 12, 2008

pics from north market

I told you I would post some pics. Not a lot, but I had one less table of goodies, just some stuff on top of bins.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Item Posted

So another installment of North Market Artisan Sundays is now gone, thanks for all who came out, I appreciate the familiar faces and support. I want anyone who is reading this to come out to the next one on October 5th, it is the last one. I think this event is really cool and needs some more publicity and advertising. I don't think the North Market usually does as well on Sundays and this is a cool event to spark some business there and it is great for Columbus. The more things going on the more things go on..if that makes sense. If no one comes out just continues to suck..not that C-Bus just saying...the perpetuation of suck only allows for more sucking...? Ha, but seriously. So please support things like this, it seems to have done ok, but not really well, luckily for me it was not that expensive to do as a vendor but if I knew the sales would be like they are this year for the next year (if they even do it) I would not do it again.

That being said, I posted a new wristband on etsy and my display looked sweet in my mind! :) I came home and realized the Ohio wristbands I had on my display are not actually finished..ha. Only one of them was completed, so I will finish those and post some on Etsy. I am working on getting a web designer to overhaul my website, sorry it has been really needs to be up again..grr, web design is evil. I appreciate all who signed my mailing list and I will be sending out some stuff soon to those people as well. If you want to be on it, post a comment on here I will be happy to add you. Thanks again, the next sale I will be doing is....lemme check my calendar and get back to you! :)

will post pics of north market too in a bit.

Friday, September 5, 2008

lots of stuff going on

It's like a pioneer PORN shop in here! Ok, maybe more like a Japanese sweatshop....lots of wristband making going on in the Bootleg attic here. I got some more Ohio wristbands cuz they are just so in demand...ha. I have made some reversible ones so you can do blue and red or if that doesn't go with your outfit, yellow and red. Right now I am on a yellow, blue, green, brown, orange kind of run so a lost of the new wristbands have those colors in them and I think they are sweet. The other reason I am in that mode is because I try to use all my fabric up so the bands although different in style tend to be similar materials and color. Today I will be doing a bit different colors (I finally changed the thread in my machine). A new cub scout wristband is underway utilizing a cub scout scarf I found at the thrift store, at one time I had a slap bracelet with that logo and it was sold quickly. I am working on a new display for the wristbands as well, gonna be sweet. Here are some sneak peeks.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cool T-shirt Site

I found this cool site called Design by Humans. You can submit designs and if they pick yours you get money kinda like threadless. Looks like they have a new shirt every day, pretty sweet. Here is the link. If you have any cool t-shirt links let me know, I am always looking for inspiration. Other than that, North Market sale coming up this Sunday! I am going to be working hard this week to get some stuff done after my band is done in the studiO, we are working with Joe Viers and it sounds amazing so far. Hopefully today we will be done (crosses fingers) and we will have a cd to put out it's gonna be good. And if anyone wants to see my band Friday September 5th we are playing at Ruby's on Summit with Paper Airplane...gotta plug.