Friday, June 27, 2008

The Back

This picture shows the back of the Ohio pride wristbands. A label that shouts to the masses about Columbus The Indie Art Capital of the World. You may notice the word "Art" is the sculpture from CCAD, yeah biotches. This label will start appearing in other products soon. Gotta promote the etsy page, my web site is kinda down right now so I am promoting mostly the Etsy page and this blog. So yeah, if you want to be my new web designer please let me know, or if you know someone I will pay. More to come later, I'ma go enjoy Comfest (wish I had a booth..gah)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More steps

Next step in Ohio wristband. Here I have printed some nice red ink on this reclaimed fabric. Woot. Next step is to start sewing...oh man these are coming together nicely!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

go C-bus!

Got on Etsy just now and looked in the Storque section and found a familiar face! Nice little article on Alison Rose, a fellow Columbus craft duo! Nice work!

New Shtuff Happenin'

So I am documenting how I make one of my wristbands. These pictures show the beginning process. After scouring the thrift stores for sweet color combos and fabrics I found this great bright yellow and aqua color combo from two different women's shirts. I usually look in the women's section because the patterns and textures are often more interesting (in general, I think women's clothes are just more adventurous because women buy more than men...I wish guys clothes were as rapid in change because I get tired of plain t-shirts and shorts.) Anyway, so here are some pics of the original fabric cut up, not very exciting but it just shows the work I put into these. I am basically taking the shirt apart and getting as much fabric out of it as I can, therefore I am re-using and being as eco friendly as possible. Next I will screen print an Ohio graphic onto the fabric and then go to town sewing.

In other news, I finished another cardboard graffiti wristband. To get the image on this wristband I drew on cardboard with a big fat marker pen used a lot in graffiti. Then I took a picture of it, put it into the computer, manipulated it and just composed the graffiti a bit more interesting, I printed it out and made a screen out of it, then I printed the image on fabric and sewed the wristbands. PHEW! The work I put in! And these wristbands are $15 bucks! That is a lot of work for such a good price! You can find this wristband on my ETSY SHOP for 15 dollars (I already told you that!) And I will be selling at North Market in Columbus Ohio the first Sunday of July!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new colorway for moustache/new screen

Todays blog will be written in party dialogue:

bro #1: Hey man, what's going on?
bro #2: Not much, how are you doin'?
bro #1: Good, good, have you seen the new colorway for that sweet ass moustache shirt from BOOTLEG!?!?
bro #2: S#!% son, new colors, I'ma have to cop that shirt once I get my next paycheck!!
bro#1: Word.
bro#2: I heard there were some badass new designs comin' as well, maybe some Ohio pride shit.
bro#1: That's gay...
bro#2: F*&% THAT man, civic pride is the new BLACK B$#@*ES!
bro#1: S#!%
bro#2: Word.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

cool tees, slow sundays

So the North Market show this passed Sunday was very slow, but the weather was great and I met some cool people. Thanks to everyone that DID come out, though they were few and far between, I don't know what it was...graduation parties, people just wanted to be at the park? You win some and you lose some I guess. Thanks to those who purchased Bootleg products, I am always trying to get something new out so it helps to have that monetary support.

In other news, I am always looking at Etsy and I am going to try to do some features on here periodically. So this is a shop called fiftyseven-thirtythree and it is really cool. Especially love the photos of the products, soo nice. The designs are great so check them out!

Other news, I might be applying for Craftin' Outlaws that is if I am not in Chilicothe area for the "Something Fantastic" festival my band is playing in...I think I will not be able to do Craftin' Outlaws which really sucks...we'll see.