Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Shtuff Happenin'

So I am documenting how I make one of my wristbands. These pictures show the beginning process. After scouring the thrift stores for sweet color combos and fabrics I found this great bright yellow and aqua color combo from two different women's shirts. I usually look in the women's section because the patterns and textures are often more interesting (in general, I think women's clothes are just more adventurous because women buy more than men...I wish guys clothes were as rapid in change because I get tired of plain t-shirts and shorts.) Anyway, so here are some pics of the original fabric cut up, not very exciting but it just shows the work I put into these. I am basically taking the shirt apart and getting as much fabric out of it as I can, therefore I am re-using and being as eco friendly as possible. Next I will screen print an Ohio graphic onto the fabric and then go to town sewing.

In other news, I finished another cardboard graffiti wristband. To get the image on this wristband I drew on cardboard with a big fat marker pen used a lot in graffiti. Then I took a picture of it, put it into the computer, manipulated it and just composed the graffiti a bit more interesting, I printed it out and made a screen out of it, then I printed the image on fabric and sewed the wristbands. PHEW! The work I put in! And these wristbands are $15 bucks! That is a lot of work for such a good price! You can find this wristband on my ETSY SHOP for 15 dollars (I already told you that!) And I will be selling at North Market in Columbus Ohio the first Sunday of July!

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