Thursday, November 29, 2007

fun times

Go see live music, I have said it before, it is just important that I tell you again. Not only is the music great (the Floorwalkers..every Wednesday at Ruby's) but the people. I mean, the people are just great, I love them..all of them. More dancing, that is the only thing that was needed, it takes too long for people to get the courage to dance. So North Market is coming up and I am semi ready. I have enough stuff and everything I just want to get my table set up better looking, we will see. I just found (actually SHE found ME) Miss Megan Mac on myspace. Megan had a table across from me at Tiny Canary and is a delightful woman. She makes these beautiful scarves and woven tapestries (is the right spelling?) So North Market this weekend, say hey to me and purchase some great xmas/hannukah/whatever you want gifts! :) Oh and here is Miss Megan Macs blog.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I made some Hanukah (Hanukkah? Chanukah?) cards today. They have a bird on them with a little yarmulka (yamaka? yalmeke?) jeeze, spelling is hard. Check 'em out on my Etsy page.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Crafty Cotillion meeting tonight. Anytime there are free brownies, a gift exchange, and good discussion I am in. Well the gift exchange didn't happen tonight but we all took names to do one at the crafty party which will be...oh I put it in my phone and its dead, so December a Thursday at some point. I'll get back to you on that. People tonight were talking about community and such and I just want people to know that there are things going on in Columbus. A bunch of good websites to see and hear about things are well, listed on my blog..jeeze. Columbus Underground is awesome and blogs are always good (you knew that, you are reading one) The Indie Art Capital link I have is great which is a Wiki so anyone can add (even you!) I think people like Walker Evans (actually I KNOW) are great because they seem to really be living the change they want to see (Gandhi anyone?...look it up) Also Mike Reed from Junctionview so look up them and you will find some action going on. Junctionview itself is a great place to see things happening as well. Sorry, now I am just rambling but I felt like I heard nay-saying tonight and that things weren't happening in Columbus and I know that is just not true, you gotta do your homework people! We are not there yet, but we have come a long way and people need to be recognized. Also, about the Gandhi thing, he said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." I think that is such a profound quote. If you are complaining, then you know something is wrong, if you do not then choose to do anything about it, then how is it ever going to change? You have power, just figure out how to use it, or don't complain. If you lose, or you fail, at least you know you tried. Ok, I think I am done ranting. North Market Craft Extravaganza this weekend! I will have new t-shirts (hopefully) and am working on holiday cards and some paintings (maybe I will sell them there, not sure). Please come out to that, and leave comments please! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tiny Canary YAY Photos!

some bootleg wristbands, the cubscout one was sold (above)
julie from craftpaca, awesome stuff, the woodgrain everywhere, i can't get enough!
hair candy from gazzu
olive making a funny face (on purpose?) from wholly craft
burn and bleed media collective
Phew, lots of photo uploading and tagging and all that jazz. Tiny Canary was awesome thanks for all who came out and purchased some stuff (did I already say that?) well, again...thanks! I uploaded more pics on my flickr page so check it out! I will hopefully see yall back again at North Market in a few here!

Monday, November 19, 2007

ha, a capture from mike reeds video of me pretending not to see him as he walked by with the video camera. check out the video at

Tiny Canary!

Fun times at Tiny Canary! Thanks for all who came out and purchased some Bootleg products! My camera is actually in my dad's van so I will post pics as soon as I retrieve it....just wanted to say thanks to everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2007

community is great

Whether it is at a church, a local knitting club, or a random meeting of people, community is great..and I suggest if you are not involved in any kind of community (what are you crazy?) than go do it now..ha! I luckily have been involved with many communities and it is really nice. After you graduate school (especially if you are an artist) it sometimes is hard to be inspired. I am lucky enough to be in lots of communites (sorry for over use of the word) I started playing a weekly church gig and I have only been to one service and the people are so nice. I don't consider myself religious at all and it is funny because the bass player (a great musician friend named Chad) is Jewish, the guitar player (another great friend Spencer) is reading up on Ghandi and a lot of alternative religions, I was told the other few people were agnostic and possibly budhist, so it was just hilarious playing at a lutheran service with this group of people. The music was actually pretty rockin no more Catholic masses for me! It helps to have Chad and Spencer (as well as the other musicians) playing with me. Anyway, back to the community, it's great. So I went to Junctionview Studios tonight for Pecha Kucha (PeCHA-ka-CHA) and it was great. If you don't know about it go to this website that links you to the C-Bus page. People coming together to present something...just about anything with 20 seconds for each slide and maybe 20 slides or so. I always learn a lot going to these things and feel a great sense of community. This whole Indie Art Capital of the World I think is bringing a lot of buzz to Junctionview too, these events seem to keep getting bigger. So Bootleg news? Wow my appartment is just a mess getting lots of wristbands, prints, and shirts done. Working on a hoodie, and some framed silkscreen prints with metallic ink. Wow, just so much going on. How is everyone out there? Anyone read this? Here is a link to my flickr page for some pics (not a lot) of PECHA KUCHA!

Monday, November 12, 2007

New Wristbands

Trying to get some new stuff for Tiny Canary. Here is a little preview.

crafters and beer

so Andy Shaw Band (i play drums there) is going to start playing in December every Monday at Ruby Tuesday on Summit (1978 Summit St. on campus...the BAR not the restaurant!) and we are thinking about doing a rotating craft type thing, maybe 5 crafters a week. Anyone interested/think this will actually work? I would love to do this sort of thing, get people out and December would be a good month to do it since its before the holidays, maybe the second monday we play, its pretty short notice, we could start in Jan. if we are still playing (crossing fingers) They are basically letting us do what we want with the night, I think they might even open up the basement! Would your friends come out for some Monday night beer and crafts?? There might be like a tiny entry fee but maybe not. comments? questions? suggestions? bring it on!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Pat from Shout Out Loud Prints ( made these buttons for me. I designed them, he created them, and then I paid him. I need to learn how to make buttons...ha, they turned out sweet though, thanks Pat!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is what I am thinking with the color, now the green i already have might be a bit darker then this pic so it might not work right. Anyway, any suggestions? I might just try it and see if it works. These are going to be very limited so I might do two colors to make them more special but I don't want to hurt the design..hmm. In other news, my band (Andy Shaw Band) is going to start playing at Ruby's on Summit (Ruby Tuesday..its a bar people, not the restaurant) every Monday in December and we are whipping up a plan to do like a weekly crafter thing there possibly,,,its in the works, it MIGHT not happen but we're hoping! :) Also, if you are in Grandview you can check my bro and me out at Old Bag o Nails in Grandview every Wednesday from 7-10pm so check it out we do folky stuff, beatles covers, damien rice, and originals and I play my fiddle. Not much going on with Bootleg at the second. More later?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ooh, yay

I got in! AND Bootleg is reppin' on the flyer (did I use that correctly?..ha) Can't wait! I think I'ma work on some hoodies for this show...ooh ambitious for me, I'll see what I can do, maybe I'll post a hoodie design or two, see if you guys like one of them better :)

I have a Canon Powershot A530, any tips on using it? I took a whole bunch o pictures today (including the ones above) and got some really good ones by just fooling around but I wasn't really paying attention to the settings. My problem is I usually end up getting ok shots and fixing them in photoshop where I want to get really good raw shots like the one on the left above where I don't have to fool with color later. At some point I am going to really study the manual but for now I have done pretty well with little reading of it. So in other news, printed some t-shirts the other night. They are mens light yellow shirts with an aqua-ish green color print and I am thinking about doing another color on top of the same print with a grayish purple, it looks really cool on screen but I like how they look now. Any suggestions? keep them how they are or add another color?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!

Ha, I love Office Space and actually its a good Monday for me, lots 'o' stuff going on. Did anyone catch the show at Junctionview this weekend besides me? Well, my band (Andy Shaw Band) played and it was really cool, lots of awesome people live painting and good music. Unfortunately I had to leave early but I was able to come back and see the murals pretty much finished and they looked great. Jeremy Nichols (Raskoe) and Chris Semer were there and I always love their work. Jeremy's myspace is And Chris' page is It mighta been cuz it was early but there weren't many people out which was dissapointing, not sure how much promotion was done for the show, nonetheless a great example in my opinion of the Indie Art Capital of the World that we have been deemed. There is art going on you just gotta find it, and its great art! Anyway, posted some new stuff on etsy check that out and keep it real till the next time. (like is said, maybe i just missed the crowd,, was anyone there or did you hear about the show?)

Friday, November 2, 2007

right now

made some "holiday" cards (pic below) updated etsy a bit (link to your right) trying to get this blog thing up and going, if you are actually reading this and have a blog let me know the name so i can link you up on here. that is if your blog is appropriate and doesn't include lots of posts about your love of eating small children (or large ones..more fat, i know). in the process of making some watercolor thank you cards to put on etsy (possibly) would anyone buy them? eh?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

spikedrivers, tiredness, and omelets

go see the spikedrivers, they are really good, if you did not see them at skullys last night for halloween you are quite possibly mentally ill. omelets are tasty, and even better when made in brand new frying pans just purchased at target..mmm. i have been staying at my girlfriend's and getting up to take her to work, then i go home and its a lot earlier than i usually wake up and im really awake so i get all fired up for the day then i crash cuz i realize i only slept like 5 hours or something and then its hard to get back into it after that so that sucks. it helps when people order stuff from etsy or my website which has been happening so if you are reading this, for my well being, order stuff! :) really i think i just need to get more sleep, but doing the whole false wake up and then go back to sleep while u have already been up for a few hours is fucking me up. well, for today that is all, go see the spikedrivers, they are really good, did i say that already?