Monday, May 19, 2008

stealing candy

I came across this cool headband the other day on Etsy. This girl is called "The Candy Thief" and I think her headbands are just beautiful. I told her I wish she had more "manly" stuff maybe wristbands or something, but it's all good, her stuff is sweet...maybe a gift for the girlfriend. :) Anyway her shop link is here so check it out!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

North Market and Elvis

So I want to upload some of these on Flickr so I don't have to upload all on the blog but I can not remember my Flickr account name or password, I tried the whole "email me my name" thing but it was like, we don't have an account under this email...could it be under my ancient hotmail account? ugh...why can't I just sign on to Flickr and it be signed on for eternity, it signs me on for like two weeks and then signs me off so if I don't check it within that time or something yeah...well boo Flickr. so North Market was fun times, next month will be better for me cuz I will be more prepared, sorry people I did not have a lot of new stuff. I met some new people and I hope that they had a good sale! Oh by the way, Elvis Costello was there, he loved my t-shirts and bought out all of them...oh wait, I just woke up, but seriosuly Elvis was there! (his pic is tucked in there with the rest of the "normal folk") ha..I felt like a stalker photographing him through those bars but I didn't want to go up to him, I am sure that gets old. He was opening for the Police that night in C-Bus...sweet.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog within a Blog

I got a lil write up, WOOT! I will post pics from North Market soon, just wanted to show you all some love I got online. Thanks to Shelly Mann for featuring Bootleg in her Retail Therapy Blog.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Coming!

What is "it"??? The First North Market Artisan Sunday! Skip church and come on out...well actually it starts at noon so IF you do choose to sit in a pew, skip the donuts and come to the North Market in Columbus Ohio! WOOT. I got some new stuff for you guys, I am pretty excited (sneak peek above...oh and pics of my room and preperation...why is it always so messy?)

Sunday May 4th
North Market - Artisan Sundays