Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Post on Etsy

Check out my moustache tee on etsy I just posted. I am going to try to update a bit more, someone bought my one of a kind train wristband. Actually it was the owner of shopshopdesigns, they have sweet graphic tees so check them out as well here. I really want to get the camera parts one (picture above). I gotta wait till my money flow is well..let's just say in existence. I lost two music jobs both at Claddagh, so that's unfortunate. My brother and I still play acoustic every Sunday at Polaris Claddagh if anyone is bored 8pm-11pm or so so thats cool. Just need to pick up some other jobs hopefully. Oh, I can not do the Urban Craft Fair in Detroit cuz I have a gig so that is a bummer. I will hopefully do Urban Scrawl when that comes around, they are having vendors this year and I missed it last year, so I'm excited for that. Also I hope to do Tiny Canary in November again, that was a blast. I really would love to do a show out of state as well, just to be able to travel, if anyone is interested in teaming up, let me know (other crafters that is...or I guess if you want to come and help me, sure!) Otherwise, I have not been making too many things, just trying to get my room organized and rearranged. Ever since I got a "big boy bed" my room has been set up really awkwardly so I got the energy to finally move stuff around AND vacuum which was REALLY necessary. My art table is now in the little cove where my old twin used to be, and my big bed is in the window recess which is awesome, I got some more of my art on the walls too which is great I will get pics up here maybe soon. Other than that, hope all is well in internet land...PEACE.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not Dogs

So apparently Tawd who makes cool t-shirts and was SUPPOSED to be collaborating on a hoodie with me a while back (Tawd! come on)..opened a hot dog stand! Here is a link to his blog. Wow, I might have to go get one today...hmmm, pretty cheap and sounds pretty yummy. I am not a vegetarian but I will try it definitely soon here. He works (worked) at Abercrombie for a while, he must have quit, good for you Tawd (if you did in fact quit). My old roommate worked there and basically described it as hell on earth on a daily basis. Ok, so Bootleg news, I am trying to decide on a craft fair to do out of Ohio. I think I am going to apply to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Anyone know someone in Detroit I can stay with? More news to come!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Now you can shop at What the Rock?! for some Ohio Pride wristbands as well as some other Bootleg wristbands. Check them out, and if you have never been to WTR?! than definitley stop by. Heather and Mike are some of the nicest people. They told me they may be moving as well, to a bigger spot which would be sweet. So that is what is going on in my neck of the woods, what about yours? What the Rock?! is located at 1116 N. High Street next to Surly Girl Saloon (Well, a few doors down, right next door I believe is the new Barrel 44 which is yet to be open)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

3rd Sunday

North Market Artisan Sunday 3rd installment went pretty well for Bootleg. I sold some wristbands which I am always happy about and of course some tees. I had some one of a kind American Apparel tees that seemed to be pretty popular amongst the youngin's. Those of you who missed out..missed out! I only printed them once...jeeze..But there will be more opportunities to get some one off prints I am sure! I debuted my Ohio Pride wristbands and I think they did pretty well, no sales of them yet,,but it will happen. I decided not to do the craft fair at Skully's...lots of drama in that! If you have not heard about it go here and read some of the I actually don't have a lot of inventory right now and am working building that up so that is another reason I opted out. I am excited for Tiny Canary way in November, I wish I could do Craftin' Outlaws at Boma but am playing a gig in Logan..or of those places. What else is new? Anybody out there?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ohio Pride

It took a few weeks to get about 5 or 6 of these done, not the WHOLE five weeks of course, but I worked on them on and off. I am pretty proud of these. More color combos to come as well, the ones I have now are yellow with different color backing. I also have one blue one with a red print. I am super excited about these and you can get one at the North Market tomorrow noon-5pm for another installment of Artisan Sundays. I also made a few one of a kind tees so look for those. WOOT!