Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Post on Etsy

Check out my moustache tee on etsy I just posted. I am going to try to update a bit more, someone bought my one of a kind train wristband. Actually it was the owner of shopshopdesigns, they have sweet graphic tees so check them out as well here. I really want to get the camera parts one (picture above). I gotta wait till my money flow is well..let's just say in existence. I lost two music jobs both at Claddagh, so that's unfortunate. My brother and I still play acoustic every Sunday at Polaris Claddagh if anyone is bored 8pm-11pm or so so thats cool. Just need to pick up some other jobs hopefully. Oh, I can not do the Urban Craft Fair in Detroit cuz I have a gig so that is a bummer. I will hopefully do Urban Scrawl when that comes around, they are having vendors this year and I missed it last year, so I'm excited for that. Also I hope to do Tiny Canary in November again, that was a blast. I really would love to do a show out of state as well, just to be able to travel, if anyone is interested in teaming up, let me know (other crafters that is...or I guess if you want to come and help me, sure!) Otherwise, I have not been making too many things, just trying to get my room organized and rearranged. Ever since I got a "big boy bed" my room has been set up really awkwardly so I got the energy to finally move stuff around AND vacuum which was REALLY necessary. My art table is now in the little cove where my old twin used to be, and my big bed is in the window recess which is awesome, I got some more of my art on the walls too which is great I will get pics up here maybe soon. Other than that, hope all is well in internet land...PEACE.

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