Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I haven't?

Wow, I haven't blogged in almost 5 days. So I made some wristbands but I am still working on them, when I feel like it I will get some pics up. Vintage fabric (from skirts) pretty sweet looking. My latest endeavor is getting back into the sculpey realm. I used to play with sculpey a lot when I was little with my best friend Brian, his mom made the coolest little bunnies, she was really good at it. I am testing some stuff, I burnt some things yesterday :( and am experimenting with freezing and such. Not too many brilliant things yet, I made a cool finger necklace pendant that I burnt, damnit. I will have to ressurect that. I think I am going to do a line of scary/gore type jewelry, any suggestions? Eyeball earings, puss filled toe necklace pendants, hah..I am grossing myself out. The picture is a beer bottle pendant that also burnt, going to have to re-do that as well.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


What is Gocco? Well, it is a little home printer made by the Japanese. It is kind of like screen printing except no squeegees are involved. Also, the printing area (on the model we used) is only about 4in x 6in. So you have an image on black and white paper, put it under the screen, press down over the screen with the flashbulbs (kinda like an old camera) and that light exposes the image onto the screen and then you have a stencil on that screen, then you put ink on the screen and press down again (with paper underneath) and you have a print. That is a simple explanation (or complicated with my scatterbrained-ness) but I think you get the idea. They stopped making Gocco printers in Japan even though the demand in America is really big right now, you can get them on ebay and what not but some people are trying to get the manufacturer to start making them again. Anyway, my friend Jessie B (sorry, the spelling of your last name is not coming to me right now) and I did a little Gocco printing with a design I did last night. It was kind of a test run and we are planning on collaborating on something in the future, for now, here are some pics of what we did. Also, Jessie heads up a little thing called Wild Goose Creative and they hold different events involving theater, cooking workshops, music, and everything under the sun really! I have not been to an event but plan on going to the next one. Check out their blog/website

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


What is the siginificance of this picture? Maybe I put it in the middle, or the end..you will have to read this blog, ha, I really got you now! I just found this which is the Columbus C-Note Art Show where each piece in the show will be $100. I am am pondering whether I should submit or not, are any of my pieces worth that much? A very interesting concept, I like it right off the bat. Something different (atleast in my brain) and it forces artists to really step it up, well that is my view atleast. A good show f0r Columbus to show people what we got. Lots of artists on there, which is great to see. If no one knows, Columbus Underground is a great site to find out what is going on in Columbus in general, I just found out about this C-Note thing. I think I am going to make a wristband or two today. I am trying to figure out what I should submit for the Columbus City Sampler...any ideas? Considering some more simply made wristbands maybe with my logo on them or illustration or both, maybe some sculpey items? I just bought some sculpey. Though I am sure I have some in a closet from when I was little (loooved sculpey) I decided to start fresh with hairless, dirtless sculpey. I am attempting to get my skills back from when I was little. Off to work, oh yeah that picture up there is just cool, no reason.

Monday, January 14, 2008

More skirt action

So I just posted (on my etsy page) a wristband that I made from a previous skirt I had bought. I made two so far out of it, and I think they are sweet. The one side is actually from a pair of pants, and the large houndstooth pattern is from a skirt. Buy it today! :) I just finished a bunch of photos today and will post more items very soon (including the pic above). Did ya see my train wristband, well you should. What else is new here? Anyone want to model some tees? I am wanting to get some better pics now that I figured out how to work my camera. Actually, my roomate Andy showed me how to use the manual option on my Canon Powershot A530 and it is working like a charm! Sweet. Ruby Tuesday (19th and Summit) tonight Andy Shaw Band and Stucco Jones (Sweet guitar/drum two piece band from C-Bus) PEACE.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I bought skirts

So I went through the menacing rain in search of something fine, something brilliant, something spectactular. I bought skirts. While the cashier may have furrowed her brow, or maybe snickered to herself, I paid no mind for these skirts were not for my Saturday night drag show but for fabric. FABRIC I say, what better fabric can you get for the price? The blue skirt is from Ann Taylor and is very nicely put together, I am about to cut it up, but it is still nice. I love blue and brown, it was a steal for 2 bucks. The green one was right next to an orange skirt and I regret not buying the orange one because the color combo was magnificent. I plan on making an orange and green wristband out of it. The picture sandwiched between the skirts is to remember the brownie camera screen. In order to make newer better shirts, I had to sacrifice this screen to make a new one, so let's have a moment of silence for that screen. there is another design on that screen as you can see on the right, that may come up in a shirt later, I have it on another screen as well. Getting rid of screens means that I (pretty much 100%) will never use the design again, making my shirts limited, once they are gone, they are gone. In some cases I may bring a design back if it is in high demand, but usually when I rip the screen out, it is finito! Collaborations with Tawd from Shiv (he also does Dirty Booty clothes for babies) are coming up (it MIGHT be a sweet hoodie..who knows?) Also, some Gocco printing with Jessie Beotcher (ehh spelling) next week, I am pumped about that. Not much other news besides looking for a new house to practice with the band in, working at Polaris, freelancing graphic design, gigging with the band and my brother (acoustic gigs), and on top of that attempting to be somewhat of a good boyfriend, ha. Well peace for now peoples.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


so i just wrote a new entry and it erased it...ill do it later..damn