Thursday, August 28, 2008

back from the beach..and then some

Ok, ok, it's been a while! Sorry, jeeze get off my back! The beach was fun (seems like a long time ago now) and not I am back in Ohio. I have been doing some freelance graphic design so it has taken up a lot of time, on top of that I am gigging a LOT with the acoustic duo ( so that is good. Funny, cuz I still don't have ANY money..oh goes on. I can NOT wait till my ad agency paycheck. ANYway...I have been selling Ohio Pride wristbands a lot lately, they seem to be the talk of the town so if you do not have one, well get one! I plan on posting another on Etsy here soon and I will be at the North Market September 7th for another installment of Artisan Sundays...woo that is coming up soon. I am also working on getting a web designer (it is a LONG process..too long) and I think I actually have a few people that might want to ACTually do it! So sorry about the website if you have gone and it says like "this website does not exist..wanna buy it??" please don't buy it! Ha, so more to come soon!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Da Beach

Off to Rehobeth Beach, Delaware tomorrow morning (Saturday). I am so excited to not have to do anything for a week...oh man. My life right now consists of playing a show almost every night with my brother or band which is great! I love it, but its tiring, especially when a lot of the shows you don't get a TON of people that are interested. It is really great though to get that one table at a restaurant that loves you. Today we had a couple buy two cds from us, they had just heard us for the first time today so it was so great they had faith in us. So anyway, no complaints that my job is playing music right now but it does get tiring like anything else. so BEACH! and Dogfish Brewery restaurant, and beach, and rented house with family and cooking and fun times, and beach, and hopefully Andy and I will get a long and write some songs together. Bootleg news? Well, check out my etsy page...and I will be back in a week! WOOT! BTW, I googled beach..and this is what I found.