Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mens Snake Tee - new etsy post

New Snake Tee American Apparel version for Men. This tee is really comfy and has a great (if I do say so myself) snake print on it, original art copyright 2009 and all that good stuff, one snakey is in stripes and the other is in plaid, nice. Proudly sport the Bootleg name in this great tee for $22 bucks, message me on etsy and I will waive the shipping fee before X-Mas!! Here is another link to the Snake Tee.

Friday, December 18, 2009

new posts, happy holidays, yeaaaah

AHH lots of posts at once! I am updating my Etsy, slightly last minute for you last minute shoppers, and for last minute me! :) I have not done any X-Mas shopping yet, taking it easy this year I think my family is kinda doing a light one, I hope! I am still gonna get some kick ass gifts though, I hope that the season, regardless of what holiday (or lack of holiday) you celebrate brings you "good tidings" as they say, whatever that means...I hope you are having a good time and eating some cookies, let's say that! So three new posts, and more to come check out my Etsy page NOW!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

North Market wrap up

Good times at the North Market in C-Bus. We just finished up our second day of the entirely too long to name festival but I will acronym it (even that's long) NMHOHACE...I told you. Some good people were selling this weekend like Alice at Vivisect, Casey at Carmacazzi (I am partial to other screenprinters!) Alissa at Creatrix Jane, and of course my buddies Jennifer and Sondra from Black Market and Adrien from Crafty Beavers making kitty hats all too many more to mention. It's like a reunion every time I do a show. I am thinking about doing the Artillery show at the Gateay/Arts in the Alley/Ohio Art League/Junctionview/every arts organization cluster place thing, so I will update soon. For now I am going to go try and rest...peace! Pics to come soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Day down...

Ben, Barb, and I had a great day at the North Market today. Though we all had very little sleep (Ben and I had gigs, mine ended early but I went to Ben's gig at Park St. with the Floorwalkers and stayed till 2am and Barb is Ben's supportive girlfriend so she was at their gig till 3am with them) we had a good time overall!! I especially loved eating the food at North Market, a cinnamon roll from Omega and turkey mole with scalloped potatoes from Kitchen Little, one of the few places I had not tried yet at NM, man it was good. The crowd was awesome today and I sold a lot more than I expected, by the end of the day Barb, Ben, and I decided to switch up our space so tomorrow we will have a slightly re-designed space, I think it works a ton better. I am thinking about doing some give-aways a raffle type thing, whatdya think? Come by and see if it happens! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

more press...ooooh

Ok, I just became aware of this one too, two in a matter of a few days, thanks Columbus Alive you REALLY rock!


Check this out! I got some press from the good ol' Columbus Alive, thanks guys!


Tomorrow, Saturday December 5th is the first day of the North Market Holiday Open House and Craft Extravaganza, and world record holder for longest name for a festival ever! the NMHOHACE ..even that is long. I will have NEW screen printed holiday/birthday/whatever cards for sale this year along with my usual graphic tees (NEW Snake tee prints hot off the press) and silkscreened and sewn wristbands. This year my good friends Ben and Barb will be joining me and selling some silk screened tees, totes, scarves, wallets, and more so it is gonna be a crowded booth but a great sale! The sale is TWO DAYS this year too so double the fun, see ya tomorrow from 8am-5pm and Sunday from Noon-5pm!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Etsy Posts

Check out the Women's Snake Tee (it's a V-Neck)..I think I may have an extra large too and if so I will post it soon. Thanks again for modeling for me Bree!

New Etsy Stuff

I posted some new Ohio Pride wristbands into my Etsy shop. The blue "Big Eyes" shirt got an update on the picture as well. Thanks to my lovely model Bree, I just photoshopped some pictures of her wearing the Snake Tee so check those out (better to click the pic and get a zoom) kinda cool. I am gearing up for the North Market Craft Holiday Extravaganza on December 5th and 6th, might be printing some silkscreend cards soon, so look for those coming up. Talk to you guys soon!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snake Design on American Apparel Tees

I just got some red American Apparel tees, people love these shirts, so you better buy them! :) I just printed a bunch at my new place of work over at Ben and Barb's, and by "place of work" I mean they let me use their basement to print shirts...ha. So here are some pics of the space and the snake shirts. I put together a lil animation of the snake tee but I can't figure out how to upload it yet...soon hopefully!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

North Market Holiday

Hey guys, sorry long time no talk, I know I know..just been busy with the band and all that. So I got accepted into the North Market Holiday Open House and Craft Extravaganza (also known as the longest and most annoying name EVER fest..ha) so that will be Saturday December 5th 8am-5pm AND Sunday the 6th 12p-5pm, two days this year. Holiday themed food tastings, live music, artisans/crafter sale (where u can find ME) upstairs, and lots more to check out! This is a great event every year and I love participating in it. Like I said, vendors will be upstairs so make sure to check us out among the hustle and bustle. My good friends Ben and Barb will be helping out and selling some of their goods as well including some hand sewn wallets, silk-screened tees, some totes, and maybe more? We just ordered a bunch of American Apparel tees which I am excited about putting my snake design (most likely) on. That is it for now, see you soon!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Independent's Day wrap up

Great festival Columbus! I had a great time at this second annual festival and I think everyone else did too, we need more activity downtown like this, it felt so vibrant especially when the sun went down and we were in the alley with all the lights under peoples tents, it just transformed the city. Andy Shaw Band played a noon set, it was early but we rocked it out and then I ran over to my booth where my good friend Bree was helping me out selling, so I took over and had an overall good day. The crowd seemed to be moving very quickly, a lot of passer byes not as many sales as I would have wanted but that is the business of selling markets, in my experience it is always hit or miss, rarely am I surprised by these things I keep going! The crowd was very energetic and people were just so happy to have this sort of thing going on, I heard comments such as: "is this every week?" "I didn't even know about this, this area is usually dead" and so some of these people are correct and others have not been to the Pearl Market and seen other events going on recently BUT it was great and we do need more and more of that stuff it will keep our city alive. Sorry I am on a tangent now,,ha but these two guys from Mississippi came by my booth, loved my stuff bought a bunch of stuff (paid with a 100 dollar bill...I talked them into buying 30 bucks worth of stuff cuz only then I could break their bill) and they were like "this is really awesome, does this happen every week?" that was just cool to see people from out of town diggin it and it just shows that this sort of festival is really important not only to the local community but for Columbus as a destination. If these two guys were to come by Friday night there might have been nothing going on and they would have gone back home like, ok, whatever went to Columbus for work but no. They experienced a unique, vibrant, artistic expression of what Columbus is. Go Couchfire and go Columbus! Also thanks to Ginger, Bree, Melissa, Zoe, and Dad for helping babysit my booth so I could walk around and enjoy a little of the festival. I do not have pictures...I forgot my camera I might find some online though to show you how cool it was soon...

Friday, September 18, 2009

independent's day

Independent's Day tomorrow! Saturday September 19th check it out here! Andy Shaw Band the band I play drums in (and my bro and dad play in as well) plays at noon, so get there early to rock out downtown with us, we plan to wake everybody's ass up that live in those condos...YEAH. Also I am vending of course so look for that, I hope to really get to look around this year because last year I was stuck at my booth the whole time..yay so excited this is one of the best festivals of C-Bus and its only two years old!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

North Market and ID09

I had a great time selling for the first time in ...who knows how long but it has been a long time! It was nice to get out there and talk to the people again and show off some new stuff. Unfortunately NO one bought a snake shirt, though I did have some good looks at the new shirt (that I personally love...ha). I had a grea belgian waffle, met some new vendor friends, and even was able to use a tent from the North Market for free! Thanks so much North Market, and Casey from Carmacazzi for letting me grab his spot (awesome spot by the way right next to the front stairs). Other news, I got into Independent's Day 09 wooohee, I am excited about this event held right downtown in Columbus. This day is all about Independents (hence the kinda confusing July 4th title) it is the day for Independents (the adjective..not the noun..or it a noun? damn) and it celebrates the great individual spirit of Columbus by bringing all the hard working musicians, artists, crafters, bloggers, computer people, and creative class together for one big party. Consider it Comfest without as many hippies,,,but they are welcome too! The Andy Shaw Band also got in as a performing act so you will get a double dose of me. That means I will need some people to help out at my booth so let me know if ya want to. I will have pictures up as soon as I find my bro's camera from North Market. Thanks again to all who came out to support Bootleg!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Just finished up a batch of new SNAKE tees...sssssssssssssss. That was a snake sound by the way. Also just did a quick photoshoot with my lovely friend Bree so I will get more pics up soon, thanks Bree for rockin' it out. Come out to the market on Sunday and see more of these snake tees, (pssst I got grey ones too, and in mens too!) So exciting to be back printing again!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am selling at North Market for Artisan Sundays THIS WEEK! I have no sold in a while and I am dusting off my tshirts (they are in plastic bins...easy people, don't get all worried) and re-organizing everything. I am going to print some new designs hopefully today so that should be cool, I do not have a ton of extra blank tees so that sucks and did not have time/money to order more. I will have some classics though and some wristbands you guys probably have never seen. I will also have my Ohio Pride wristbands, some new iterations of those. 9am-5pm Sunday September 6th at the North Market read more here I will be substituting for Carmacazzi.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been taking a hiatus for a while and am working slowly to get back into the Bootleg thing. It has been very busy with music so that is really great, but I do love making t-shirts and wristbands and like I said it's a slow climb but I am working back to it so I apologize for the lack of attention on the blog/etsy shop etc. That being said I have some new tee designs I really want to get out. Here is a preview of what I may do with my snake design, I really love it. It may be a different color shirt or ink but we will see. So far my next "gig" is September 6th Artisan Sundays I will be filling in for Carmacazzi so look for some new stuff then!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sunday September 6th, 2009 at North Market I am filling in for Casey at Carmacazzi tees. He is going out of town or something, I can not remember but I am going to be selling my Bootleg wares then! So it is a laid back summer, well it is actually really busy, but laid back for Bootleg and I plan on making tons of new stuff for this sale! woot..I gotta give my self an excuse to get back on the bandwagon! I have been doing tons of music (including going to Europe for a tour with Jonalee White) and it is great but I am beginning to get the design/craft bug again so I will start up soon making new wristbands and tees! I have started updating my Etsy shop already so keep checking back for new stuff!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


NEW POST?? WOAH...ha, so I have been laying low and I am about to start doing more Bootleg stuff, I think I am ready. Sometimes you get a little bit overwhelmed with everything, the last thing I want to do is burn out, especially on things that I really like doing. So I am not guaranteeing anything but I will try to do a bit better as the summer goes on with updating the blog! I am posting some new stuff on Etsy so check that out, I have someone that told me they are going to buy the Cub Scout cuff so I am going to wait a week or so for that so please do not buy that right now! I will let ya know if they say they are not going to buy it! More wristbands posted as well check it out here!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Website stuff

So I am still working on the website. with Andy my awesome designer. We are putting together a wordpress blog so I will be able to keep it updated (that is the goal atleast). It is kinda slow going but I am happy with the product so far. Been doing lots of music so the Bootleg thing has been on the back burner but always on my mind. Check the etsy site for updates soon. Thanks all! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

News News News

Still workin the kinks out on the new website, for now we have a splash type page with a link to the etsy page. I have been really busy with music playing in the Andy Shaw Band and Matt Monta and the Hot Coal Band oh and I am going to Europe on a tour with Jonalee White so I am excited about that. Bootleg is truckin along slowly, can't wait to get out to do some more shows. For now keep checking Etsy out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I have seen some jewelry labeled "steampunk" and was kinda intrigued but once I found this computer someone made...I was hooked. Wow, this is the sweetest computer I have ever seen. Check out this website where there is a tutorial how to make it, also they have a tutorial on how to make the keyboard, wow. Talk about talent.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Forgot to share these

Ha, so I took pictures of me and my new Mac....I was excited cuz I got it for 300 bucks instead of 1500...I told y'all that. I look retarted but oh well I was giddy.

'Nother Item Posted

New Ohio Pride wristband posted on Etsy. Check it check it check it check it. Silver ink, pinstripes, even a home made tag, CLASSY.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Stuff Posted

NEW WRISTBAND POSTED ON ETSY! WOOT. I got my new Mac too finally! I took pictures of it in its packaging, ha. I am a nerd for details and Apple neatly packages everything in this clear acetate stuff that is custom shaped to each product, I guess that is partly what I am paying for....oh wait I only paid 300 for this 1500 dollar machine, Apple you LOSE! Actually, they probably win somehow in the end...but I win this time too! YAY, I felt like I won the lottery, now I am just getting used to this flat keyboard, sweet design..not sure if I like it yet. Check out my Etsy page I will be updating it more now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Computer

Amidst the blizzard in Columbus (or normal may say) I am still here, quietly making some wristbands and awaiting my new computer. I am getting a new Mac...woot. My other one broke and was still on warranty and they said I could a brand new iMac, the $1200 model, for free or $1200 toward the next computer so I am getting a $1500 computer for 300 bucks! I probably told this story a million times but I just feel like I won the lottery, ha. So I am awaiting this new computer to post some new pics/items on etsy. It should be here by Thursday and I can get back to normal and not using this PC as often (I am such a Mac snob...) Alright, more to come!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Website up....kind of

just remember that! New year, new president, new domain name! Check it out, you will get a preveiw of what it will look like. For now you can go and there is a link to my shop on Etsy and a full site will be up in the coming months. My web designer and I are making it happen week by week and its gonna look supa fly if I do say so myself. I got a few new wristbands as well and I am going to post them soon. By the way, BUY A WARRANTY ALWAYS! Apple could not fix my computer and now they are giving me a BRAND NEW FREE computer. Sweet sweet justice! I just hope they can get me all my information that was on my computer before it went in to the store, thats my only fear, they said they would try. I do have a bunch of stuff backed up on a hard drive but man it would suck to lose all that stuff. I am actually going to buy the next model up from the base model since the base model is 1199.00 and they will give me that much money toward the next model, so I am basically getting a 1500 dollar computer for 300 bucks! WOOT. That will be about a week they say so I will have my pretty new Mac and will be able to actually work from my real computer and post more. Thanks for being patient ..oh and GO OBAMA!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hey, sorry I have been a bit MIA. My computer's monitor decided to go to black everytime I wanted to do anything. I called Apple, followed their troubleshooting steps and they worked....for 5 minutes..and then....BLACK! I could tell my computer was still on but it went black. So after taking it to Apple store and finding out I am still on warranty (PHEW! for like 100 more days) it is now being serviced at the Apple store. So I have been working on my brothers old pc and it sucks. It is very difficult to multi-task on this computer, I am just so used to the Mac interface and all its wonderful little indiosyncacys (speeling?) I just can't wait to get my computer back. God help me if I ever have to buy a pc...bleh. So needless to say my normal way of uploading photos, doing design work, etc., is very stunted due to not having my computer...technically I can still do some of the work like uploading photos but my computer will be back soon, you will all just have to wait! :)

Ok, so Bootleg news..I sold a shirt on my website, which has not been updated in like a year. I am currently working hard on updating it with my friend Andy Anaya. He originally designed my site ( but we never really finished it. Now I am teaching him drum lessons in exchange for a more drum skills...atleast no more teaching from me that is. So I hope this arrangement will work better. Before it was more of a "I can pay you with beer" type of thing. So I have grand confidence in this new website, it will be a lot simpler and more blog-like. It will have a "look book" section where you can browse through photos of hot girls (I hope) and stylish guys wearing my clothes. It will most likely link to my etsy shop and the idea is to streamline everything into one hub. I am working right now on ordering some business cards that will be letterpressed (so sweet) and I am going to be designing some stickers as well (finally!) A lot to come in the year for Bootleg. Here are some goals of mine with the t-shirt and wristband (and what nots) company.

1. Get new website up asap
2. Learn more about screenprinting and get better at it.
3. New website launch party with live music, food, and t-shirts for sale
4. Put out awesome new designs.
5. Work on getting higher quality tees into the line. (the goal is to have more affordable shirts like 12-15 as well has higher end with more quality fabrics for a little bit more like 18-25)
6. Have fun, meet some people, spread the Bootleg word! woot.