Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hey, sorry I have been a bit MIA. My computer's monitor decided to go to black everytime I wanted to do anything. I called Apple, followed their troubleshooting steps and they worked....for 5 minutes..and then....BLACK! I could tell my computer was still on but it went black. So after taking it to Apple store and finding out I am still on warranty (PHEW! for like 100 more days) it is now being serviced at the Apple store. So I have been working on my brothers old pc and it sucks. It is very difficult to multi-task on this computer, I am just so used to the Mac interface and all its wonderful little indiosyncacys (speeling?) I just can't wait to get my computer back. God help me if I ever have to buy a pc...bleh. So needless to say my normal way of uploading photos, doing design work, etc., is very stunted due to not having my computer...technically I can still do some of the work like uploading photos but my computer will be back soon, you will all just have to wait! :)

Ok, so Bootleg news..I sold a shirt on my website, which has not been updated in like a year. I am currently working hard on updating it with my friend Andy Anaya. He originally designed my site ( but we never really finished it. Now I am teaching him drum lessons in exchange for a more drum skills...atleast no more teaching from me that is. So I hope this arrangement will work better. Before it was more of a "I can pay you with beer" type of thing. So I have grand confidence in this new website, it will be a lot simpler and more blog-like. It will have a "look book" section where you can browse through photos of hot girls (I hope) and stylish guys wearing my clothes. It will most likely link to my etsy shop and the idea is to streamline everything into one hub. I am working right now on ordering some business cards that will be letterpressed (so sweet) and I am going to be designing some stickers as well (finally!) A lot to come in the year for Bootleg. Here are some goals of mine with the t-shirt and wristband (and what nots) company.

1. Get new website up asap
2. Learn more about screenprinting and get better at it.
3. New website launch party with live music, food, and t-shirts for sale
4. Put out awesome new designs.
5. Work on getting higher quality tees into the line. (the goal is to have more affordable shirts like 12-15 as well has higher end with more quality fabrics for a little bit more like 18-25)
6. Have fun, meet some people, spread the Bootleg word! woot.

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