Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Website up....kind of

just remember that! New year, new president, new domain name! Check it out, you will get a preveiw of what it will look like. For now you can go and there is a link to my shop on Etsy and a full site will be up in the coming months. My web designer and I are making it happen week by week and its gonna look supa fly if I do say so myself. I got a few new wristbands as well and I am going to post them soon. By the way, BUY A WARRANTY ALWAYS! Apple could not fix my computer and now they are giving me a BRAND NEW FREE computer. Sweet sweet justice! I just hope they can get me all my information that was on my computer before it went in to the store, thats my only fear, they said they would try. I do have a bunch of stuff backed up on a hard drive but man it would suck to lose all that stuff. I am actually going to buy the next model up from the base model since the base model is 1199.00 and they will give me that much money toward the next model, so I am basically getting a 1500 dollar computer for 300 bucks! WOOT. That will be about a week they say so I will have my pretty new Mac and will be able to actually work from my real computer and post more. Thanks for being patient ..oh and GO OBAMA!

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