Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mens Snake Tee - new etsy post

New Snake Tee American Apparel version for Men. This tee is really comfy and has a great (if I do say so myself) snake print on it, original art copyright 2009 and all that good stuff, one snakey is in stripes and the other is in plaid, nice. Proudly sport the Bootleg name in this great tee for $22 bucks, message me on etsy and I will waive the shipping fee before X-Mas!! Here is another link to the Snake Tee.

Friday, December 18, 2009

new posts, happy holidays, yeaaaah

AHH lots of posts at once! I am updating my Etsy, slightly last minute for you last minute shoppers, and for last minute me! :) I have not done any X-Mas shopping yet, taking it easy this year I think my family is kinda doing a light one, I hope! I am still gonna get some kick ass gifts though, I hope that the season, regardless of what holiday (or lack of holiday) you celebrate brings you "good tidings" as they say, whatever that means...I hope you are having a good time and eating some cookies, let's say that! So three new posts, and more to come check out my Etsy page NOW!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

North Market wrap up

Good times at the North Market in C-Bus. We just finished up our second day of the entirely too long to name festival but I will acronym it (even that's long) NMHOHACE...I told you. Some good people were selling this weekend like Alice at Vivisect, Casey at Carmacazzi (I am partial to other screenprinters!) Alissa at Creatrix Jane, and of course my buddies Jennifer and Sondra from Black Market and Adrien from Crafty Beavers making kitty hats all too many more to mention. It's like a reunion every time I do a show. I am thinking about doing the Artillery show at the Gateay/Arts in the Alley/Ohio Art League/Junctionview/every arts organization cluster place thing, so I will update soon. For now I am going to go try and rest...peace! Pics to come soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Day down...

Ben, Barb, and I had a great day at the North Market today. Though we all had very little sleep (Ben and I had gigs, mine ended early but I went to Ben's gig at Park St. with the Floorwalkers and stayed till 2am and Barb is Ben's supportive girlfriend so she was at their gig till 3am with them) we had a good time overall!! I especially loved eating the food at North Market, a cinnamon roll from Omega and turkey mole with scalloped potatoes from Kitchen Little, one of the few places I had not tried yet at NM, man it was good. The crowd was awesome today and I sold a lot more than I expected, by the end of the day Barb, Ben, and I decided to switch up our space so tomorrow we will have a slightly re-designed space, I think it works a ton better. I am thinking about doing some give-aways a raffle type thing, whatdya think? Come by and see if it happens! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

more press...ooooh

Ok, I just became aware of this one too, two in a matter of a few days, thanks Columbus Alive you REALLY rock!


Check this out! I got some press from the good ol' Columbus Alive, thanks guys!


Tomorrow, Saturday December 5th is the first day of the North Market Holiday Open House and Craft Extravaganza, and world record holder for longest name for a festival ever! the NMHOHACE ..even that is long. I will have NEW screen printed holiday/birthday/whatever cards for sale this year along with my usual graphic tees (NEW Snake tee prints hot off the press) and silkscreened and sewn wristbands. This year my good friends Ben and Barb will be joining me and selling some silk screened tees, totes, scarves, wallets, and more so it is gonna be a crowded booth but a great sale! The sale is TWO DAYS this year too so double the fun, see ya tomorrow from 8am-5pm and Sunday from Noon-5pm!