Monday, April 28, 2008

art is sweet

I was reading a some girls blog (just found it randomly through other blogs) and she had this picture and I looked into it more and found out about this artist called Cai Gou Qiang. Just thought I would share some pics of this cool ass exhibition he did.

Monday, April 21, 2008

the bus, the dog, the shirt, and the sprout

So my car is pretty much broken, my awesome awesome friend Kyle tried desperately to diagnose it and he can not. My next option is to go to the shop but moneys is tight right now so it looks like the bus and begging Andy for his car are my options, and walking..oh wait I have a bike now too but I have to get it looked at (Abe my roommate gave it to me, thanks so much!) Angel (Abe's dog) is our new...thing we have to deal with at the house...ha. No, shes great but she has a tendency to follow everyone around, and by follow I mean she is literally touching you as you walk down the stairs she's so close. She also whines if you shut her out of the room, but for me I am lucky cuz I got the attic and I can't hear her (ha). She loves to lay in my bed while I am working on the computer, she is adorable I admit it. I printed new girl shirts...four of each size so far, I am going to test them out at North Market and see how they do. This is my first real attempt at multi color, I have done it before but this is a little different technique, I do not have a carousel. What I do is I have one color on one half of the screen and then you flip it over and the other color is on that side. I have a press that my brother and I made and it is for one color so I do all one color let it dry, and then go back and flip the screen around and do the second. The hard part is registration but I think I made some sweet looking shirts. They all look a bit different and though the design never really lined up perfectly I am happy with the results. My brother suggested lighting the screen from the bottom which we may try. Oh and I got a basil plant from Target for a buck. I got a sprout! I can't get blogger to get my photos up so I will soon...darn.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

stir it up

I'm makin' wristbaaaaands. I took some fabric that was just kinda hanging out for a while and I had not used it a lot and decided to finally use it. I picked a dark denim blue and printed this sweet graffiti Bootleg image on all the fabric and soon they will be turned into wristbands, niiiice.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bootleg Killed the Radio Star...?

I don't know what that title anyway Amy of Sweet Stella Designs, Dilara (of Locura), and I were on CD101's morning show with Joe and Rachael today. We talked, we laughed, we had muffins (thanks Dilara!), and I failed at getting the mic away from Amy, hah! I did get a little air time though, it's all good..gotta be agressive! We were on to plug the Columbus City Sampler and show the indie crafters some love. Well, that's the news for today if anyone knows of anybody hiring let me know, I am gonna go out on the streets today and look for some work. PEACE!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I see all!

So the Dispatch put out an article, and I have a feeling since I told him I am the only guy at the Crafty Cotillion meetings (Tawd, seriously you are missing out) I was mentioned in the article! (see above pic..that's a picture of the online article..ha) Here is the rest of the article. So in other news, I will be participating in the North Market Craft Sundays (that is my vote for the name) coming up in May (the 4th is the first one) and then every 1st Sunday of the month after that. I am pumped. Oh yeah, does anyone need some work? I am kinda out of a job, my part time job fell through so in the meantime I do need some work, anyone want to hire me to watch tv for them? hah, maybe babysit? I don't know, I don't want to end up selling my body again, that was just too hard..ha. Let me know seriously, otherwise I got some new stuff coming, I am updating my etsy page every so often as well so check it. Word.

Friday, April 4, 2008

city sampler, moving, etc

So I have not blogged in a bit cuz I have been busy..jeeze. I just moved from north Clintonville to Hudson and Summit area (Tompkins actually). Fun times over here, a sweet house with 4 cool people. My brother Andy, Rafael, and Abraham...sounds like a Bible convention up in here...ha. Lots of moving and lifting and my body hurts..still have my computer desk to move so I am typing this on my bed, not comfortable..I'd rather be sleeping on it. I finally got a Floorwalkers cd..they finally had them at their show last Wednesday (if you have not seen or heard of them..please do..every Wednesday at Ruby's on Summit) I decided to buy one even though I probably could have copped one off Theo..they deserve good, they are really going to be big and I can say I once knew them..I do not say that about bands either..I am serious about these guys, they have what it takes. Anyway, Columbus City Sampler is going to be out soon and my cards I designed look SWEET and the stickers and buttons Amy of Sweet Stella put together look fabuloso, nice work! I still gotta unpack...until next time!