Friday, April 4, 2008

city sampler, moving, etc

So I have not blogged in a bit cuz I have been busy..jeeze. I just moved from north Clintonville to Hudson and Summit area (Tompkins actually). Fun times over here, a sweet house with 4 cool people. My brother Andy, Rafael, and Abraham...sounds like a Bible convention up in here...ha. Lots of moving and lifting and my body hurts..still have my computer desk to move so I am typing this on my bed, not comfortable..I'd rather be sleeping on it. I finally got a Floorwalkers cd..they finally had them at their show last Wednesday (if you have not seen or heard of them..please do..every Wednesday at Ruby's on Summit) I decided to buy one even though I probably could have copped one off Theo..they deserve good, they are really going to be big and I can say I once knew them..I do not say that about bands either..I am serious about these guys, they have what it takes. Anyway, Columbus City Sampler is going to be out soon and my cards I designed look SWEET and the stickers and buttons Amy of Sweet Stella put together look fabuloso, nice work! I still gotta unpack...until next time!

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