Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my eyes hurt

ok so man..lots of online stuff myspace, etsy, blogging, flickr, my own website (www.ilovebootleg.com) ahh..can keep you busy for days! I just found this--> http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1410/1392704354_bfe31e4be3.jpg?v=0 <-- on Patrices' flickr page..so I thought I'd post it. I hope that link works! :)

I guess this is a blog?

I think a good name for it would be BootLog...ha. So I have never done a blog before and I thought, other people are doing it, I should too! Similar to the time I took a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, it was arduous (the six months of rehabilitation) but damn sure worth it! So I will try to update this with cool things and keep you entertained and up to date with what is going on with Bootleg. Right now I am gearing up for some shows such as Tiny Canary and the North Market Holiday Craft Extravaganza which I will attempt to post on here. There was a Craft Catillion meeting last night at Surly Girl which was great and Amy from Sweet Stella Designs (Check out HER nifty blog http://www.sweetstella.blogspot.com/) was there and was really kinda heading up the meeting, nice work! I really love her stuff too bad most of it is like earings and what not. Hey Amy, make some...guy stuff? Well, this is my attempt at a BootLOG..how was it?