Thursday, November 27, 2008

been a while

Sorry, it has been a while. Life has been crazy here just getting things situated. I started teaching violin lessons (anyone, anyone?) and drum lessons as well and am getting used to all the new students and prepping for lessons and such. I really enjoy it. On top of that I am playing with Matt Monta ( and it has been fun but taking up more time as well. He is a greeeat song writer so check us out December 6th at the Treehouse (formerly Andyman's) So Bootleg news?? I am working on a ton of new wristbands with lots of recycled fabric, hey the economy sucks so my fabric has got to be cheap! Also, it is environmentally sound! I got some cool new grey and blue striped ones made out of this super soft cotton shirt as well as some bright yellow and aqua wristbands, I might have pictures here soon. I also just burned a new screen with a ton of new designs on it so I am going to try and print some new shirts as well. I am not totally sure the screen burned very well the emulsion looks like it might start flaking off so I will try. Anyone have some screen filler? I need to buy some. Anyway, hope all is well out there see you at the North Market Craft Extravaganza Way Too Long of a Name festivities December 6th! 8am-5pm (and yes,,i am playing with Matt Monta AFTER that..its gonna be a fun...busy......horrible day) i am also playing Seussical the Musical at the Davis center that day ...oh man.