Friday, December 28, 2007

new shirt

ooh check out my new shirt! :) it was purchased from KarmaLoop and is a shirt from Beautiful/Decay (which is a magazine if I am not mistaken)


Just some sneak peeks at some new designs coming your way. Let me know if how you like them, I am working hard to get lots of new designs out for this new year. Not a lot else happening in Bootlegland, just attempting to save money so I can get more shirts to print on and invest back into Bootleg. Anyone have a good X-Mas/Holiday ? Some highlights of my gift getting (?)--->Entourage on DVD season 2..oh man. Columbus Percussion gift certificates, a gas card with like 25 bucks on it (maybe I can get like 3 gallons for that, ha) ooh and a cool t-shirt from Ginger (my gf) What else is new people?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Check It

X-mas, work, girlfriend, band, ahh. So X-Mas is here in two days and I am so close to being done with stuff. Not stressing because of mall crowds or long lines but just cuz we decided to do "one gift" for everyone this year. I always try to give a lot of thought to each gift and I usually end up doing like one thoughtful gift and two small things to kind of soften the blow if you will, hoping that something in that combo of things I give will hit a certain special spot. So I quote the words one gift cuz I think I am just going to do that like I always do, rather then try to kill myself getting something "perfect" cuz we all know there is no such thing as the perfect gift. I should be comfortable with that and just do one gift, but I think I might just do one really thougtful and one not so thoughtful, hah. Anyway I am now just venting. Check out my Etsy page I uploaded some stuff up there, let me know what is up peoples! I am excited for the new year and new things to come, oh and X-Mas I already have gotten some great stuff so I am not even worried about it. YAY :) Oh here is a pic I found on my computer of my wristband in action. (Bobby our bass player rocking the hamburger wristwear)

Monday, December 17, 2007

friends, being sick, new stuff posted

Lots of stuff going on. I met with Jessie Boettcher for lunch at Betty's (mmmm) the other day and we talked about her endeavors with Wild Goose Creative. They are looking in Clintonville to build a community arts center, and I am all about it! Check out the website for more info. I look forward to collaborating with Jessie and being more involved with Wild Goose because all I hear from her are things I want to be a part of! We are getting together to do some Gocco printing in January so I am excited about that! Well, I am sick, that's fun..not much there just that it sucks cuz I have three gigs this week ( check it) and my throat doesn't like it when I try to sing with the flem and nast. Ruby's tonight (19th and summit) for Andy Shaw Band..quick plug. I am posting a bunch of stuff today on Etsy too, through out the day so check back often, I am going to see what times are better for posting (or am attempting to see) and if anyone knows a good time to post, let me know. X-mas shopping? ha..I need to get on that shite. Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, Andy Statmiller, here is a pic of the piece I bought from him at CCAD Art Sale. PEACE

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am working on some Ohio tees, I want them to be different then ones I have seen. I really like some of the stuff people are doing with the shape of our state and I want to join in. Usually I am the one that wants to go the opposite but this time I am in on it. Civic pride is the new black, right? Ha. I was on Adam Brouillette's (hard name) page and found a link to this guy's website and it is sweet. Here are a few pics of some stuff I found that was cool.

Monday, December 10, 2007

CCAD Art Sale

PHEW!! wow, long weekend but a great one. I can now afford to grocery shop, hah..but seriously I was hungry. CCAD Art Sale was great, thanks for all who came out and supported me and my Bootleg dreams! I got some sweet stuff too from other artists such as Andy Stattmiller His mom bought a shirt from me and told me about him and how he lives in California doing art. His sister was there selling her art and his so I bought a print on canvas of one of his illustrations, great stuff! Also, I met Jess Lacava I think at last years winter CCAD Art Sale and we always run into each other at these things and Floorwalkers shows. Anyway, she started making tees, and they are great! I was very impressed with her hand dyed American Apparel tees with the sweet original Ohio pride art..I will have a pic soon of the shirt I traded with her (she got a sign language tank from me) Now I think it is time to get some new designs out on new and better quality tees, maybe do some collaborations with other artists (let me know if you are interested), ship some orders out, work on my etsy shop, get some of my shirts in more boutiques, and get lots of other work done as well..sounds fun eh? Oh yeah, and I need a part time job, anyone want to hire me? I am good at things.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Ok so I said "new shits" in my previous post. Apparently no one reads this cuz SOMEone woulda caught that, hah. I meant SHIRTS...jeeze. I am leaving it there just for humor sake. I got pics from the North Market sale (not that many) and I am working on some new wristbands for tomorrow at CCAD (info to the right..or google it) Found some sweet houndstooth fabric on a skirt at a thrift store and am making some new wristbands with it, I love's so "in" right now too, lucky for me. Hope to see y'all tomorrow, and I hope I have enough work to sell. North Market kinda cleaned me out, I do have a bunch new paintings and framed prints I hope to get ready as well. Oh and that last picture up there is from Clint Reno (bought it at North Market) Clint is badass and can be seen and heard over at GalaxyReno. I think his blog is posted to the right on my page, if not I'll post it. Peace out y'all!

Monday, December 3, 2007

North Market

A great day at the North Market, thanks for all who came out and purchased some goods. One of the tees that sold the most was the "What Big Eyes You Have" tee which is very much new and one of my favorite new shits. I was kind of afraid people didn't like it, but it's catching on. The fox tee is always popular and I am almost out. I think I am going to do some more prints on a little higher quality tees (and do some girl ones as well) any suggestions for girlie color combos? Light blue shirt with black fox print..i dont know? I will post some pics when I get my camera up and running, I was only able to take like 2 before it ran out of batteries (D'OH) so they might not even be good. I did buy an EXCellent print from Clint over at Galaxy Reno (blog link to your right) man..I am excited about that. More soon.