Friday, December 7, 2007


Ok so I said "new shits" in my previous post. Apparently no one reads this cuz SOMEone woulda caught that, hah. I meant SHIRTS...jeeze. I am leaving it there just for humor sake. I got pics from the North Market sale (not that many) and I am working on some new wristbands for tomorrow at CCAD (info to the right..or google it) Found some sweet houndstooth fabric on a skirt at a thrift store and am making some new wristbands with it, I love's so "in" right now too, lucky for me. Hope to see y'all tomorrow, and I hope I have enough work to sell. North Market kinda cleaned me out, I do have a bunch new paintings and framed prints I hope to get ready as well. Oh and that last picture up there is from Clint Reno (bought it at North Market) Clint is badass and can be seen and heard over at GalaxyReno. I think his blog is posted to the right on my page, if not I'll post it. Peace out y'all!

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