Monday, December 17, 2007

friends, being sick, new stuff posted

Lots of stuff going on. I met with Jessie Boettcher for lunch at Betty's (mmmm) the other day and we talked about her endeavors with Wild Goose Creative. They are looking in Clintonville to build a community arts center, and I am all about it! Check out the website for more info. I look forward to collaborating with Jessie and being more involved with Wild Goose because all I hear from her are things I want to be a part of! We are getting together to do some Gocco printing in January so I am excited about that! Well, I am sick, that's fun..not much there just that it sucks cuz I have three gigs this week ( check it) and my throat doesn't like it when I try to sing with the flem and nast. Ruby's tonight (19th and summit) for Andy Shaw Band..quick plug. I am posting a bunch of stuff today on Etsy too, through out the day so check back often, I am going to see what times are better for posting (or am attempting to see) and if anyone knows a good time to post, let me know. X-mas shopping? ha..I need to get on that shite. Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, Andy Statmiller, here is a pic of the piece I bought from him at CCAD Art Sale. PEACE

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TakeWrning said...

missed you at Wholly Craft the other nite!
I'm jealous that you're going to get to do some Gocco!