Sunday, December 23, 2007

Check It

X-mas, work, girlfriend, band, ahh. So X-Mas is here in two days and I am so close to being done with stuff. Not stressing because of mall crowds or long lines but just cuz we decided to do "one gift" for everyone this year. I always try to give a lot of thought to each gift and I usually end up doing like one thoughtful gift and two small things to kind of soften the blow if you will, hoping that something in that combo of things I give will hit a certain special spot. So I quote the words one gift cuz I think I am just going to do that like I always do, rather then try to kill myself getting something "perfect" cuz we all know there is no such thing as the perfect gift. I should be comfortable with that and just do one gift, but I think I might just do one really thougtful and one not so thoughtful, hah. Anyway I am now just venting. Check out my Etsy page I uploaded some stuff up there, let me know what is up peoples! I am excited for the new year and new things to come, oh and X-Mas I already have gotten some great stuff so I am not even worried about it. YAY :) Oh here is a pic I found on my computer of my wristband in action. (Bobby our bass player rocking the hamburger wristwear)

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moogan said...

happy holidays!
yep very pregnant over here, it's amazing how one can conceal a pregnancy by placing large brown bags or tables full of creepy dolls in front of ones self.
Hope to see you ate the next meeting, that seems like so far away