Monday, December 10, 2007

CCAD Art Sale

PHEW!! wow, long weekend but a great one. I can now afford to grocery shop, hah..but seriously I was hungry. CCAD Art Sale was great, thanks for all who came out and supported me and my Bootleg dreams! I got some sweet stuff too from other artists such as Andy Stattmiller His mom bought a shirt from me and told me about him and how he lives in California doing art. His sister was there selling her art and his so I bought a print on canvas of one of his illustrations, great stuff! Also, I met Jess Lacava I think at last years winter CCAD Art Sale and we always run into each other at these things and Floorwalkers shows. Anyway, she started making tees, and they are great! I was very impressed with her hand dyed American Apparel tees with the sweet original Ohio pride art..I will have a pic soon of the shirt I traded with her (she got a sign language tank from me) Now I think it is time to get some new designs out on new and better quality tees, maybe do some collaborations with other artists (let me know if you are interested), ship some orders out, work on my etsy shop, get some of my shirts in more boutiques, and get lots of other work done as well..sounds fun eh? Oh yeah, and I need a part time job, anyone want to hire me? I am good at things.

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Megan said...

I'm so sorry that I missed the show. I was in holiday party recovery mode in the morning, as I ended up having a dance performance in the evening. I really wanted to do some shopping! I'm glad that you had a great weekend.