Monday, December 3, 2007

North Market

A great day at the North Market, thanks for all who came out and purchased some goods. One of the tees that sold the most was the "What Big Eyes You Have" tee which is very much new and one of my favorite new shits. I was kind of afraid people didn't like it, but it's catching on. The fox tee is always popular and I am almost out. I think I am going to do some more prints on a little higher quality tees (and do some girl ones as well) any suggestions for girlie color combos? Light blue shirt with black fox print..i dont know? I will post some pics when I get my camera up and running, I was only able to take like 2 before it ran out of batteries (D'OH) so they might not even be good. I did buy an EXCellent print from Clint over at Galaxy Reno (blog link to your right) man..I am excited about that. More soon.

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