Sunday, December 6, 2009

North Market wrap up

Good times at the North Market in C-Bus. We just finished up our second day of the entirely too long to name festival but I will acronym it (even that's long) NMHOHACE...I told you. Some good people were selling this weekend like Alice at Vivisect, Casey at Carmacazzi (I am partial to other screenprinters!) Alissa at Creatrix Jane, and of course my buddies Jennifer and Sondra from Black Market and Adrien from Crafty Beavers making kitty hats all too many more to mention. It's like a reunion every time I do a show. I am thinking about doing the Artillery show at the Gateay/Arts in the Alley/Ohio Art League/Junctionview/every arts organization cluster place thing, so I will update soon. For now I am going to go try and rest...peace! Pics to come soon!

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