Sunday, September 20, 2009

Independent's Day wrap up

Great festival Columbus! I had a great time at this second annual festival and I think everyone else did too, we need more activity downtown like this, it felt so vibrant especially when the sun went down and we were in the alley with all the lights under peoples tents, it just transformed the city. Andy Shaw Band played a noon set, it was early but we rocked it out and then I ran over to my booth where my good friend Bree was helping me out selling, so I took over and had an overall good day. The crowd seemed to be moving very quickly, a lot of passer byes not as many sales as I would have wanted but that is the business of selling markets, in my experience it is always hit or miss, rarely am I surprised by these things I keep going! The crowd was very energetic and people were just so happy to have this sort of thing going on, I heard comments such as: "is this every week?" "I didn't even know about this, this area is usually dead" and so some of these people are correct and others have not been to the Pearl Market and seen other events going on recently BUT it was great and we do need more and more of that stuff it will keep our city alive. Sorry I am on a tangent now,,ha but these two guys from Mississippi came by my booth, loved my stuff bought a bunch of stuff (paid with a 100 dollar bill...I talked them into buying 30 bucks worth of stuff cuz only then I could break their bill) and they were like "this is really awesome, does this happen every week?" that was just cool to see people from out of town diggin it and it just shows that this sort of festival is really important not only to the local community but for Columbus as a destination. If these two guys were to come by Friday night there might have been nothing going on and they would have gone back home like, ok, whatever went to Columbus for work but no. They experienced a unique, vibrant, artistic expression of what Columbus is. Go Couchfire and go Columbus! Also thanks to Ginger, Bree, Melissa, Zoe, and Dad for helping babysit my booth so I could walk around and enjoy a little of the festival. I do not have pictures...I forgot my camera I might find some online though to show you how cool it was soon...

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