Monday, January 14, 2008

More skirt action

So I just posted (on my etsy page) a wristband that I made from a previous skirt I had bought. I made two so far out of it, and I think they are sweet. The one side is actually from a pair of pants, and the large houndstooth pattern is from a skirt. Buy it today! :) I just finished a bunch of photos today and will post more items very soon (including the pic above). Did ya see my train wristband, well you should. What else is new here? Anyone want to model some tees? I am wanting to get some better pics now that I figured out how to work my camera. Actually, my roomate Andy showed me how to use the manual option on my Canon Powershot A530 and it is working like a charm! Sweet. Ruby Tuesday (19th and Summit) tonight Andy Shaw Band and Stucco Jones (Sweet guitar/drum two piece band from C-Bus) PEACE.

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