Friday, January 11, 2008

I bought skirts

So I went through the menacing rain in search of something fine, something brilliant, something spectactular. I bought skirts. While the cashier may have furrowed her brow, or maybe snickered to herself, I paid no mind for these skirts were not for my Saturday night drag show but for fabric. FABRIC I say, what better fabric can you get for the price? The blue skirt is from Ann Taylor and is very nicely put together, I am about to cut it up, but it is still nice. I love blue and brown, it was a steal for 2 bucks. The green one was right next to an orange skirt and I regret not buying the orange one because the color combo was magnificent. I plan on making an orange and green wristband out of it. The picture sandwiched between the skirts is to remember the brownie camera screen. In order to make newer better shirts, I had to sacrifice this screen to make a new one, so let's have a moment of silence for that screen. there is another design on that screen as you can see on the right, that may come up in a shirt later, I have it on another screen as well. Getting rid of screens means that I (pretty much 100%) will never use the design again, making my shirts limited, once they are gone, they are gone. In some cases I may bring a design back if it is in high demand, but usually when I rip the screen out, it is finito! Collaborations with Tawd from Shiv (he also does Dirty Booty clothes for babies) are coming up (it MIGHT be a sweet hoodie..who knows?) Also, some Gocco printing with Jessie Beotcher (ehh spelling) next week, I am pumped about that. Not much other news besides looking for a new house to practice with the band in, working at Polaris, freelancing graphic design, gigging with the band and my brother (acoustic gigs), and on top of that attempting to be somewhat of a good boyfriend, ha. Well peace for now peoples.

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