Wednesday, January 16, 2008


What is the siginificance of this picture? Maybe I put it in the middle, or the will have to read this blog, ha, I really got you now! I just found this which is the Columbus C-Note Art Show where each piece in the show will be $100. I am am pondering whether I should submit or not, are any of my pieces worth that much? A very interesting concept, I like it right off the bat. Something different (atleast in my brain) and it forces artists to really step it up, well that is my view atleast. A good show f0r Columbus to show people what we got. Lots of artists on there, which is great to see. If no one knows, Columbus Underground is a great site to find out what is going on in Columbus in general, I just found out about this C-Note thing. I think I am going to make a wristband or two today. I am trying to figure out what I should submit for the Columbus City Sampler...any ideas? Considering some more simply made wristbands maybe with my logo on them or illustration or both, maybe some sculpey items? I just bought some sculpey. Though I am sure I have some in a closet from when I was little (loooved sculpey) I decided to start fresh with hairless, dirtless sculpey. I am attempting to get my skills back from when I was little. Off to work, oh yeah that picture up there is just cool, no reason.

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