Sunday, July 13, 2008

3rd Sunday

North Market Artisan Sunday 3rd installment went pretty well for Bootleg. I sold some wristbands which I am always happy about and of course some tees. I had some one of a kind American Apparel tees that seemed to be pretty popular amongst the youngin's. Those of you who missed out..missed out! I only printed them once...jeeze..But there will be more opportunities to get some one off prints I am sure! I debuted my Ohio Pride wristbands and I think they did pretty well, no sales of them yet,,but it will happen. I decided not to do the craft fair at Skully's...lots of drama in that! If you have not heard about it go here and read some of the I actually don't have a lot of inventory right now and am working building that up so that is another reason I opted out. I am excited for Tiny Canary way in November, I wish I could do Craftin' Outlaws at Boma but am playing a gig in Logan..or of those places. What else is new? Anybody out there?

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nicholas said...

nice setup chris!