Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not Dogs

So apparently Tawd who makes cool t-shirts and was SUPPOSED to be collaborating on a hoodie with me a while back (Tawd! come on)..opened a hot dog stand! Here is a link to his blog. Wow, I might have to go get one today...hmmm, pretty cheap and sounds pretty yummy. I am not a vegetarian but I will try it definitely soon here. He works (worked) at Abercrombie for a while, he must have quit, good for you Tawd (if you did in fact quit). My old roommate worked there and basically described it as hell on earth on a daily basis. Ok, so Bootleg news, I am trying to decide on a craft fair to do out of Ohio. I think I am going to apply to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Anyone know someone in Detroit I can stay with? More news to come!

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