Monday, November 5, 2007

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!

Ha, I love Office Space and actually its a good Monday for me, lots 'o' stuff going on. Did anyone catch the show at Junctionview this weekend besides me? Well, my band (Andy Shaw Band) played and it was really cool, lots of awesome people live painting and good music. Unfortunately I had to leave early but I was able to come back and see the murals pretty much finished and they looked great. Jeremy Nichols (Raskoe) and Chris Semer were there and I always love their work. Jeremy's myspace is And Chris' page is It mighta been cuz it was early but there weren't many people out which was dissapointing, not sure how much promotion was done for the show, nonetheless a great example in my opinion of the Indie Art Capital of the World that we have been deemed. There is art going on you just gotta find it, and its great art! Anyway, posted some new stuff on etsy check that out and keep it real till the next time. (like is said, maybe i just missed the crowd,, was anyone there or did you hear about the show?)

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moogan said...

I didn't get to attend the junction view event , due to prior arrangements. It sounded like a good time.
Hope you had a chance to see the rivet show, so many cute plushies so little time.
Perhaps we can meet at next weekends tiny canary.