Thursday, November 1, 2007

spikedrivers, tiredness, and omelets

go see the spikedrivers, they are really good, if you did not see them at skullys last night for halloween you are quite possibly mentally ill. omelets are tasty, and even better when made in brand new frying pans just purchased at target..mmm. i have been staying at my girlfriend's and getting up to take her to work, then i go home and its a lot earlier than i usually wake up and im really awake so i get all fired up for the day then i crash cuz i realize i only slept like 5 hours or something and then its hard to get back into it after that so that sucks. it helps when people order stuff from etsy or my website which has been happening so if you are reading this, for my well being, order stuff! :) really i think i just need to get more sleep, but doing the whole false wake up and then go back to sleep while u have already been up for a few hours is fucking me up. well, for today that is all, go see the spikedrivers, they are really good, did i say that already?

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