Monday, November 12, 2007

crafters and beer

so Andy Shaw Band (i play drums there) is going to start playing in December every Monday at Ruby Tuesday on Summit (1978 Summit St. on campus...the BAR not the restaurant!) and we are thinking about doing a rotating craft type thing, maybe 5 crafters a week. Anyone interested/think this will actually work? I would love to do this sort of thing, get people out and December would be a good month to do it since its before the holidays, maybe the second monday we play, its pretty short notice, we could start in Jan. if we are still playing (crossing fingers) They are basically letting us do what we want with the night, I think they might even open up the basement! Would your friends come out for some Monday night beer and crafts?? There might be like a tiny entry fee but maybe not. comments? questions? suggestions? bring it on!

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