Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I have a Canon Powershot A530, any tips on using it? I took a whole bunch o pictures today (including the ones above) and got some really good ones by just fooling around but I wasn't really paying attention to the settings. My problem is I usually end up getting ok shots and fixing them in photoshop where I want to get really good raw shots like the one on the left above where I don't have to fool with color later. At some point I am going to really study the manual but for now I have done pretty well with little reading of it. So in other news, printed some t-shirts the other night. They are mens light yellow shirts with an aqua-ish green color print and I am thinking about doing another color on top of the same print with a grayish purple, it looks really cool on screen but I like how they look now. Any suggestions? keep them how they are or add another color?

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Loretta said...

I like just the green...but how much greyish purple are you talking about?