Friday, September 5, 2008

lots of stuff going on

It's like a pioneer PORN shop in here! Ok, maybe more like a Japanese sweatshop....lots of wristband making going on in the Bootleg attic here. I got some more Ohio wristbands cuz they are just so in demand...ha. I have made some reversible ones so you can do blue and red or if that doesn't go with your outfit, yellow and red. Right now I am on a yellow, blue, green, brown, orange kind of run so a lost of the new wristbands have those colors in them and I think they are sweet. The other reason I am in that mode is because I try to use all my fabric up so the bands although different in style tend to be similar materials and color. Today I will be doing a bit different colors (I finally changed the thread in my machine). A new cub scout wristband is underway utilizing a cub scout scarf I found at the thrift store, at one time I had a slap bracelet with that logo and it was sold quickly. I am working on a new display for the wristbands as well, gonna be sweet. Here are some sneak peeks.

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