Tuesday, March 4, 2008

new screen!

Poetry seems to make sense for todays blog:

I have had it on my list but it hadn't come true.
My simple task was only to make a screen for you.
The audience in my one man pursuit.
Making sweet graphic tees and wristbands to boot.
Finally inspiration kicked me in the head.
Not to write a song but to make a screen instead.
On to the screen green goo (emulsion) did pour.
And an hour or so later I had completed my chore.

Ha, wow..that was lame. Anyway after visiting Camp Chase (did you know Columbus has a Confederate soldier cemetery and former prisoner of war and Union soldier training camp?) yesterday and having an all around great day, I stayed in today and made a screen. My girlfriend Ginger has my camera from yesterday (we forgot to take pictures..but I have a feeling we will be back) so I took this one with my camera on my Apple which kinda sucks. New tees to come! WOOT!

1 comment:

Bootlegger84 said...

wow, that's really not what the picture looked like originally..apparently my camera on my comp. REALLY sucks