Saturday, February 23, 2008

cuttin' sewin' screenin'

A few
Bootleg land is busy. On top of the numerous hours watching mom and stroller after stroller, tween's groping each other, and Finding Nemo 20 times (it plays on the front of the kiosk at Polaris where I work part time) I have had time to sew some wristbands and make a trip to Kinko's to make lots of transparencies for my next set of graphic tees. Oh I am in a state of delight. Above are some wristbands in progress, my orange and green themed pieces. These are special because they are made from all recycled materials and each one uses parts of the same three pieces (also some additional fabrics may be added). A green skirt, an orange plaid scarf, and an orange toddler shirt. I like to think of the history each wristband has. Maybe the scarf I used was worn by a Russian immigrant who came to America seeking the American dream. The awesome green skirt could have been warn by some 16 year old who bought it at a thrift store (who knows where it could have been before?) because she wanted to be different. The orange toddler shirt that makes up the rest of the band was probably worn for a while and his mom decided "lil Georgie's just too big for this shirt" I say that because it was in very good condition when I bought it. So my new quest is to make all or atleast most of my wristbands out of recycled materials, I have been doing this a little bit but now I think I will do it 99% of the time. Oh, also the thread and sewing machine I have been using for everything belonged to my aunt who has passed away so I am recycling or continuing to use her stuff without it being thrown out somewhere or chucked into a closet somewhere never to be used. I think I am gonna make a screen today as well, busy busy busy..on top of all this my band is playing a ton. Saturday Feb 23rd at Oldfield's on High with Miss Molly and Stucco Jones. Sunday opening for NATIONAL TOURING ACT State Radio (the lead singer is of Dispatch fame) at the Basement which is right next to the LC under the House of Crave (gosh..all the venues are so corporate now) Hope everybody is well!

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