Friday, March 21, 2008

So to speak...or SEW to speak

So I did a craft fair at one point, maybe Tiny Canary or North Market..well I did both but I met a woman at one of them called Anita and she told me she was opening a sewing store soon. Well, the other day I drove by a little shopping center in Clintonville and saw the name "Sew to Speak" on the window, she finally had opened. And really it was not that long ago she had told me about it so not really finally....Anyway, I dropped in and it is a very nice store. Lots of GREAT fabrics (one of them pictured above which I purchased) a bunch of Amy Butler and similarly styled fabrics as well. Some cool books on sewing and t-shirt making as well and other little goodies people that "really sew" would probably appreciate more than me. Over all from an amateur sewer perspective it was really cool, brightly colored walls, simple displays, very inviting and Anita is very nice so go check it out!

Sew To Speak
4610 N. High
Say hi to Anita for me!

Also pictured above is a shirt I got from my wonderful girlfriend Ginger for my It is from Timber and Ginger found my favorites on Etsy and bought it, perfect perfect gift, this guy is talented definitely check out his stuff!


TakeWrning said...

I thought that was one of your new designs!

Megan said...

I love Sew to Speak!!! I stopped by there one snowy day to buy an apron pattern. When Anita told me she would be getting Japanese fabrics in, I knew that I would become addicted to that shop.

Amy said...

I love Sew to Speak. I love that Anita is holding that space for all of us. I walked in there and oogled over all the gorgeous fabrics. Finally walked out with two REALLY CUTE sewing books because the fabric choices were all so amazing I couldn't make up my mind. My kids love the books and can't wait for me to start making them things from them. They actually read the books daily, even pages they've already read. The books are that good.