Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what else

Just talked to Kevin Joy at the Dispatch and there will be an article I believe on April 7th about the Columbus City Sampler...hopefully some awesome quotes from me will be in there. "Uhh.. I make stuff, it's cool..." ha! I applied to Charm City Craft Mafia's "Pile of Craft" event in Baltimore in June. I did this sale last year and it was a blast, so many cool people doing really great stuff in Baltimore I hope to get back out there again for this event! My sister lives in D.C. so its a great excuse to visit her and hopefully make some cash. My new niece is here from Africa as well, did I tell you guys that? Hanna was adopted by my sister and is Ethiopian, I look forward to meeting her...kind of weird, new member in the family I have not met yet. I am going to make some sweet wristbands with the "listen to the birds" print (found on tees on my etsy page) so look out for those, and some new shirts soon! check back soon for more!

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