Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Day down...

Ben, Barb, and I had a great day at the North Market today. Though we all had very little sleep (Ben and I had gigs, mine ended early but I went to Ben's gig at Park St. with the Floorwalkers and stayed till 2am and Barb is Ben's supportive girlfriend so she was at their gig till 3am with them) we had a good time overall!! I especially loved eating the food at North Market, a cinnamon roll from Omega and turkey mole with scalloped potatoes from Kitchen Little, one of the few places I had not tried yet at NM, man it was good. The crowd was awesome today and I sold a lot more than I expected, by the end of the day Barb, Ben, and I decided to switch up our space so tomorrow we will have a slightly re-designed space, I think it works a ton better. I am thinking about doing some give-aways a raffle type thing, whatdya think? Come by and see if it happens! :)


brave chickens said...

sounds like you had an awesome time! :)

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