Sunday, October 12, 2008


So I went to Wholly Craft today in Clintonville and gave Olivia some of my wristbands. Maybe she will be able to sell them. I had some I wasn't selling, but I think are really cool so maybe it will be the right market for them. I made some cool hang tags out of a box that once held guitar strings made by Elixir and I had some cool hemp string with them but since we did not have a way to attach them to a wristband (I need to get safety pins) Olivia just used her tagging gun..the little plastic tag thingys that are annoying to rip off of clothes. Anyway..too much info I know. So I transferred the money I made at the last North Market into my Bootleg bank account I have and now I have more money in there then my checking..which is cool but not cool at all at the same time. More money to buy t-shirts and shtuff, less money to eat with..ha, oh well atleast I am making some money! Oh yeah I got pics from Independent's Day.

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