Monday, December 8, 2008

Woo, the tornado weekend is over!

When I say tornado I am not talking about a giant twisting wind machine. Though my schedule this weekend DID feel much similar to the aforementioned weather catastrophe. at 7am Saturday I headed off to North Market to sell some goods, during this sale I played music with my brother at the market and had my good friends Borden (I will mention him in a bit) and Emily babysit my booth thanks guys! After North Market I headed to the much discussed (in Columbus because it is supposed to close due to budget cuts) Davis Theater to play drums *and violin* for Seussical the Musical (Next weekend is the last three times you will be able to see this adorable production) Then I went home for less than an hour to go eat and go to the Treehouse *used to be Andyman's and played with Matt Monta and the Hot Coal Band as well as opening for Matt with Andy and Chris Shaw Duo (I want to change the name to simply "the Shaw Brothers"). So I got home at like 4:30am and was up that entire time. I came home with some cash in my pockets so it was worth it.

OK so, THANKS to all who came out and supported me at North Market, I felt really good about the day overall. Borden actually got interviewed by the Palestra an online news source for college kids partly started by Joe Weasel from what I understand who at one point was an NBC sports reporter and owner of a funny name. GO BORDEN! I am actually really glad I did not get interviewed because I suck on camera, I think Borden did a great job and who better to ask about buying locally than Borden? Those of you who do not know him, just go meet him! He is a really smart guy and loves to talk your ear off about some cause, which I love by the way, it is always nice to know someone is thinking about (and acting on) various causes. I know I try my hardest to atleast KNOW about the world around me and try to help as much as I can. ANYway, thanks Borden and Emily for helping me out! Here are a few snap shots of the video and here is a link to it as well, a bunch of great shots of my work!

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